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Clover Spring Plush

The Beautyrest Platinum Clover Spring Plush Mattress features Total Temperature Control with Beautyrest’s InfiniCool™ Surface. Beautyrest uniquely positions the soft InfiniCool fiber layer enhanced with cooling materials just beneath a soft knit cover for optimal effect. This design helps to move heat directly away from the body while you fall asleep and throughout the night –designed to help keep you at a more comfortable temperature, sooner and longer.

This mattress also features Intuitive Support, with 1000-Density Pocketed Coil® Technology- Beautyrest’s proprietary support technology that offers enhanced conformability and motion separation, thanks to ultra-responsive, individually wrapped coils.

Feel at ease with ACTIVPUR™ ANTIMICROBIAL: The fiber layer in Beautyrest’s InfiniCool Surface is also infused with ActivPur™, an antimicrobial technology that helps prevent odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew to help keep your mattress fresh.

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